I have 8.1 acres of land up for sale. This is beautiful land out in the country. It has a creek running through it. A house that could be cleaned, remodeled for use as a home, storage building or.......... It was started on years ago, but nothing was finished, as far as remodeling the house. It is a small, once two bedroom home. A few acres of the land is very flat, then goes up the side of a small mountain. It has a water meter box set, it has power to the house, but nothing from the meter, to the inside of the house.

This is a great place to build, or to put a few head of cattle out to graze, horses, maybe goats, etc..... It is partially fenced in in parts, other parts aren't. Fresh water runs through the property, beautiful wooded area!!! This is very, very nice land!!!! It could even have a couple of nice houses built on it, if approved. It has a ton of uses, I just will never use it and would rather sale to someone that wants to do something with it, or be this far out of the beaten path. 

Fresh spring water, beautiful woods, rolling hillsides, flat open spaces. All features of this unique tract of land. It really is beautiful out there. This would make a perfect spot sect of land for the right person, family!!!!

If you have any questions, just shoot me a message, I'll answer as best I can. I also have the property listed in local papers, publications, so......